The recruitment industry in South Africa plays a vital role in creating a relationship of trust that connects employers to potential job-seekers. With the huge move to online recruiting, it is worth developing and maintaining a relationship with a reputable recruitment agency.

It is vital that both the employment candidate and the employer check the credentials, history and reputation of any recruitment agency before engaging their services. As with any huge industry, the recruitment industry in South Africa is open to exploitation of unscrupulous recruiters who will always find ways to exploit job seekers.

It is the recruitment agency, with active involvement and experience in the recruitment industry, that has the resources and knowledge to remain plugged in and up to date with positions that are available. Added to this, the recruitment agency will also often know about job positions that will become available before they are even advertised.


Most active job seekers would rather approach a recruitment agency they trust than to approach a company directly, knowing that they will have expert guidance and information on job positions available.

The use of mobile technology and social media has also had a major impact in changing the world of recruitment. Recruitment agencies explore all avenues, such as platforms like LinkedIn to source potential candidates, whether they are active job seekers or not. Recruitment agencies are constantly expanding their pool of potential candidates in order to offer the highest level of service to their clients, making it well worth keeping your professional credentials updated on a social platform such as LinkedIn.

Recruitment agencies tailor make staff outsourcing solutions in order to create ongoing relationships with clients. Because candidates put forward by a recruitment agency for interviewing have already been prepared and screened, an immense amount of time is saved for the employer in the process.

Different recruitment agencies offer various areas of expertise, such as those that offer temping solutions, or those that focus on providing only permanent and executive level positions.

An essential element in the recruitment industry in South Africa is supplying temporary staff. These temporary positions have become an important contribution to lowering unemployment figures by allowing candidates to add further experience to their CV’s, often leading to full time employment.

For unemployed job seekers, and those who are in need of on-the-job experience, ‘temping’ is a perfect solution to gaining further skills and experience, essential to the competitive employment arena.

The recruitment industry in South Africa keeps both the client and potential employee connected in the most time and cost efficient way possible to meet the demands of a highly competitive job market.

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