The valuable role of Psychometric testing in recruitment strategies and staff retention.

Psychometric testing plays an essential role in recruitment by measuring cognitive abilities as well as personality and behavioural style, providing an effective tool that will assist employers to gain a clearer understanding of a candidate and to secure the best fit for the position to be filled.

While facets such as education, skills, appearance and punctuality are easier to assess during an interview than the behavioural traits and personality of a candidate, the use of psychometric testing during the recruitment process helps to give a better overall evaluation of the candidate, making it easier to find the best person to fit the specified role. Psychometric tests are designed to offer an objective overview of a candidate’s character, working style, strengths and weaknesses in order to gauge the future performance of a candidate as well as to equip employers to make successful decisions that will improve the retention of employees.

Many companies adopt the use of psychometric testing to reduce the hiring manager’s load by identifying a smaller pool of suitable candidates who will perform well in the latter stages of interviewing, especially when there is a large volume of applicants to sift through.

Businesses are becoming more aware of the high cost involved in replacing skilled positions as a consequence of making the wrong choices in the hiring process, while the use of psychometric testing can improve the positive outcome of recruitment by up to 25%, as opposed to relying on purely subjective methods such as interviews and the screening of resume’s.

The use of pre-employment assessments is one of the most affordable and effective ways that companies can ensure maximum return on investment, and sends a clear message to candidates that the company invests effort in getting the right people into the right job.

At Aesafrica we are invested in your company’s success to finding the right candidate. We have gone through great lengths and investment to find people that are a part of our team today.

Meet Charls Marais! - find his linkedin profile here

Charl Marais holds a Psychology Honours degree and is a Registered Psychometrist with the Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (Practice number PMT 0090379), Alongside of this he has a Bcom Honours Degree.

His experience at hand has been those of 4 year of corporate work, where he started and managed graduate programs for corporate companies. With great experience in training and staff development.

When we met Charls and explained to him what our company was about. From the get go, he understood the meaning “The most important asset to any business is its people.” Which is what our company lives by, made the decision to bring him onto the team easy. With the combination of his qualifications and Aesafrica to recruit for businesses across south Africa, has only added pure vale to our services.

Imagine being able to get only the top candidates for your business, with psychometrics you have metrics that give you the measurements you need to choose and evaluate your candidate for the position of employment, which in turn this will minimizing the risk of employing the wrong person.

Looking for a company that works for your company to strive. Contact us let us find the perfect candidate for your business ( link to contact page here).

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